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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Strauss, 35 books
Willi Schuh, 7 books
Alan Jefferson, 6 books
Roland Tenschert, 5 books
Franz Grasberger, 4 books
Rudolf Hartmann, 4 books
Bryan Randolph Gilliam, 4 books
Richard Strauss, 4 books
Krause, Ernst, 3 books
Klaus Schultz, 3 books
Hugo von Hofmannsthal, 3 books
Walter Deppisch, 2 books
Gerlach, Reinhard, 2 books
Derrick Puffett, 2 books
Kurt Overhoff, 2 books
Erich H. Müller von Asow, 2 books
Ludwig Kusche, 2 books
Lotte Lehmann, 2 books
Eric Blom, 2 books
Roth, Ernst, 2 books
Richard Specht, 2 books
Kennedy, Michael, 2 books
Oswald Ortner, 2 books
Seidl, Arthur, 2 books
Steinitzer, Max, 2 books


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