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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Giacomo Leopardi, 45 books
Giosuè Carducci, 8 books
De Sanctis, Francesco, 6 books
Loretta Marcon, 6 books
Giuseppe Savoca, 6 books
Rolando Damiani, 5 books
Alberto Folin, 5 books
Walter Binni, 5 books
Francesco Colagrosso, 4 books
Pasquale Gatti, 4 books
Anna Dolfi, 4 books
Alberto Frattini, 4 books
Michele Dell'Aquila, 4 books
Aldo Vallone, 4 books
Gaspare Polizzi, 4 books
Ernesto Travi, 3 books
Emilio Giordano, 3 books
Fernando Figurelli, 3 books
Vossler, Karl, 3 books
Riccardo Bacchelli, 3 books
Luigi Malagoli, 3 books
Antonio Prete, 3 books
J. H. Whitfield, 3 books
Walter Binni, 3 books
Aldo Vallone, 3 books


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