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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ahmed Sameh, 7 books
J. J. Dongarra, 7 books
Laurence Tianruo Yang, 6 books
Albert Y. Zomaya, 6 books
Hojjat Adeli, 5 books
Richard A. Blech, 5 books
P. M. Pardalos, 5 books
J. C. M. Baeten, 5 books
Leonard Merrick Uhr, 4 books
Afonso Ferreira, 4 books
B. H. V. Topping, 4 books
Alexandru Nicolau, 4 books
Utpal Banerjee, 4 books
Chris Takemura, 4 books
Grzegorz Rozenberg, 4 books
Arndt Bode, 3 books
G. R. Joubert, 3 books
IEEE Computer Society., 3 books
R. Michael Hord, 3 books
W.-P. de Roever, 3 books
Hesham El-Rewini, 3 books
Vipin Kumar, 3 books
J. W. De Bakker, 3 books
IEEE, 3 books
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, 3 books


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