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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Geof Smith, 4 books
Ann Brashares, 3 books
Pati Palmer, 2 books
Caleb Meurer, 2 books
Eduard Petiška, 2 books
Charles John Stone, 2 books
Julie Gassman, 2 books
Susan Gates, 1 book
L. J. Clairian, 1 book
Cassidy, Anne, 1 book
Norma Vantrease, 1 book
Abel Gari, 1 book
Maija-Liisa Heikinmäki, 1 book
Eileen De Lynn, 1 book
Doris Ekern, 1 book
Barbara Corrigan, 1 book
Jan Minott, 1 book
Fletcher Jones, 1 book
Louise Bame, 1 book
Fisher, Margaret, 1 book
Erma Hall, 1 book
Anna Romaniuk, 1 book
Giles Andreae, 1 book
Angela Shelf Medearis, 1 book
Kate Mathews, 1 book


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