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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Jack, 7 books
Various, 6 books
Andrew W. Cordier, 5 books
Michael Parkinson, 4 books
Josiah Wedgwood, 3 books
Jeremy Lewis, 3 books
Wilder Foote, 3 books
Alan Ross, 3 books
Ralph Roberts, 2 books
Carole Hayman, 2 books
Denji Kuroshima, 2 books
K. White, 2 books
Stuart Hall, 2 books
Charles Demuth, 2 books
John Burroughs, 2 books
David Miller, 2 books
Gale Group, 2 books
Lou Wakefield, 2 books
James Sale, 2 books
Margaret W. Morley, 2 books
United Nations. Secretary-General., 2 books
Zeljko Cipris, 2 books
Kuroshima Denji, 2 books
Lance Hallatt, 2 books
Aya Koda, 2 books


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