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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marcus Alonzo Hanna, 5 books
Lucille Kallen, 3 books
Roy Peter Clark, 3 books
Richard S. Wheeler, 3 books
H. L. Mencken, 3 books
Tom Rachman, 3 books
A. S. Suvorin, 3 books
Jaclyn Weldon White, 2 books
Eilat Negev, 2 books
Sinclair Lewis, 2 books
Ivan Doig, 2 books
Marshall Cook, 2 books
William L. DeAndrea, 2 books
Vittorio Feltri, 2 books
Don Fry, 2 books
Isaac Leeser, 2 books
Ira Stoll, 2 books
Marcus Leonard Daniel, 2 books
Viśvēśvara Bhaṭ, 2 books
Phyllis Méras, 2 books
Cara Lynn James, 2 books
Allan Burns, 2 books
Gene Reynolds, 2 books
Leon Tokatyan, 2 books
James L. Brooks, 2 books


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