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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sigmund Freud, 168 books
Edmund Bergler, 11 books
Karen Horney, 9 books
Carl Gustav Jung, 8 books
A. A. Brill, 7 books
Alfred Adler, 6 books
Otto Fenichel, 5 books
Snell Putney, 5 books
David Shapiro, 5 books
Eysenck, H. J., 5 books
Nunberg, Herman, 4 books
Rivers, W. H. R., 4 books
Arthur Janov, 4 books
Eduard Hitschmann, 3 books
Andras Angyal, 3 books
Anna Alberdina Antoinette Terruwe, 3 books
David Seabury, 3 books
Leon Joseph Saul, 3 books
Louis Edward Bisch, 3 books
Lawrence S. Kubie, 3 books
Pierre Janet, 3 books
Albert Ellis, 3 books
Erwin Wexberg, 3 books
Wilhelm Reich, 3 books
Hans Jurgen Eysenck, 3 books


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