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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Erik Trinkaus, 6 books
Étienne Patte, 4 books
Ralph S. Solecki, 3 books
Robert J. Sawyer, 3 books
George Constable, 3 books
Mark Canter, 3 books
Myra L. Shackley, 3 books
Gooch, Stan., 2 books
V. N. Stepanchuk, 2 books
Ralf W. Schmitz, 2 books
Thames Williamson, 2 books
John Darnton, 2 books
Jeffrey Brown, 2 books
Friedemann Schrenk, 2 books
Pat Shipman, 2 books
Chris Stringer, 2 books
Ofer Bar-Yosef, 2 books
T. Wingate Todd, 2 books
Silvana Condemi, 2 books
Walter Lustig, 2 books
Rick Rhodes, 2 books
Jakov Radovčić, 2 books
Juan Luis de Arsuaga, 2 books
Fiorenzo Facchini, 2 books
André Leguebe, 1 book


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