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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ctibor Nečas, 5 books
Pierre Seel, 3 books
Daniel Heinz, 3 books
Jan Yoors, 2 books
Jacques Sigot, 2 books
Michail Krausnick, 2 books
Charles Molette, 2 books
Karola Fings, 2 books
Ctibor Nečas, 2 books
Sylvie Graffard, 2 books
Karl Stojka, 2 books
Birgit Kaiser, 2 books
Gregor Schwake, 1 book
Plant, Richard, 1 book
Alexander Ramati, 1 book
Lino Monchieri, 1 book
Vladimir Litvinov, 1 book
Simone Arnold Liebster, 1 book
Tadeusz Krahel, 1 book
Chester Kozal, 1 book
Julian Baranowski, 1 book
M. W. Wendel-Gilliar, 1 book
Rudolf Morsey, 1 book
Emmanuel Filhol, 1 book
Max Liebster, 1 book


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