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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emma McLaughlin, 11 books
R. A. Spratt, 9 books
Barbara McMahon, 8 books
Melody Mayer, 7 books
Susan Meier, 6 books
Peter Pezzelli, 6 books
P. L. Travers, 6 books
Patricia Hermes, 6 books
Angi Brzycki, 5 books
Linda Goodnight, 5 books
Victoria Ashton, 5 books
Cara Colter, 5 books
Jennifer Crusie, 5 books
Carol Marinelli, 4 books
Teresa Southwick, 4 books
Cindy Kirk, 4 books
Holly Peterson, 4 books
Nicola Kraus, 4 books
Barbara Ehrenreich, 4 books
Arlie Russell Hochschild, 4 books
Leïla Slimani, 4 books
Kathryn Springer, 3 books
Melissa Nathan, 3 books
Madeline Leslie, 3 books
Tracie Peterson, 3 books


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