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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Agatha Christie, 12 books
Lars Kepler, 6 books
Mark R. Jones, 3 books
Cathy Scott, 3 books
Christopher A. Bohjalian, 3 books
Anna Dean, 3 books
Lowell Cauffiel, 3 books
Eric W. Hickey, 3 books
Paula Hawkins, 3 books
Živko M. Bojanić, 3 books
Anthony Gagliano, 3 books
Patricia Daniels Cornwell, 3 books
Ann Rule, 3 books
William Swanson, 2 books
T. S. Eliot, 2 books
Louise S. Miller, 2 books
Giorgio Dell'Arti, 2 books
Judith Cutler, 2 books
Erica Spindler, 2 books
Enrique Ortega Salinas, 2 books
Jay Robert Nash, 2 books
Gary Kinder, 2 books
David McCumber, 2 books
Terry Jones, 2 books
Terry Dolan, 2 books


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