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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nancy J. Holland, 10 books
Richard A. Rudick, 7 books
June Halper, 7 books
Randall T. Schapiro, 6 books
Alan J. Thompson, 6 books
Nancy Mairs, 6 books
George H. Kraft, 6 books
Allen C. Bowling, 5 books
T. Jock Murray, 5 books
Edward E. Gordon, 5 books
Judy Graham, 5 books
C. W. M. Adams, 4 books
Douglas McAlpine, 4 books
Alireza Minagar, 4 books
Patricia K. Coyle, 4 books
Stuart D. Cook, 4 books
G. Comi, 4 books
Jürg Kesselring, 4 books
Ian Robinson, 4 books
M. Filippi, 4 books
M. Filippi, 4 books
E. J. Field, 4 books
Deborah Grabien, 3 books
Roy L. Swank, 3 books
Labe C. Scheinberg, 3 books


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