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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
C.C. Jay Kuo, 5 books
James E. Shuman, 5 books
Steve Webster, 4 books
Sham Bhangal, 4 books
Philip J. Judd, 4 books
Walter O'Neill, 4 books
Susan Seed, 4 books
Green, Thomas J., 3 books
Barbara Waxer, 3 books
Justin Everett-Church, 3 books
Jem Schofield, 3 books
Al Napier, 3 books
Phillip Judd, 3 books
Nigel P. Chapman, 3 books
H. Albert Napier, 3 books
Kelly Hart, 2 books
Dennis A. Trinkle, 2 books
Jobe Makar, 2 books
Scott J. Wilson, 2 books
Steve Hullfish, 2 books
Bob Starrett, 2 books
Tom Green, 2 books
Ann E. Barron, 2 books
Lisa A. Bucki, 2 books
Dave Johnson, 2 books


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