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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sherry Bishop, 10 books
Joey Lott, 8 books
Russell Chun, 8 books
Colin Moock, 8 books
Katherine Ulrich, 8 books
Ellen Finkelstein, 8 books
Sham Bhangal, 7 books
Phillip Kerman, 7 books
Robert Reinhardt, 7 books
Doug Sahlin, 6 books
Derek Franklin, 6 books
Bonnie Blake, 5 books
Ken Milburn, 5 books
Todd Perkins, 5 books
James L. Mohler, 5 books
Sanders, William B., 5 books
Dan Livingston, 4 books
Green, Thomas J., 4 books
Alex Michael, 4 books
Ethan Watrall, 4 books
Chris Georgenes, 4 books
Sherry Kinkoph, 4 books
J. Scott Hamlin, 4 books
Shane Rebenschied, 3 books
Kymberlee Weil, 3 books


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