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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John K. Aldrich, 11 books
Philip Varney, 5 books
Alan H. Patera, 5 books
Duane A. Smith, 4 books
Shawn Hall, 4 books
Susan Lendroth, 3 books
Johnny D. Boggs, 3 books
Alexis Harrington, 2 books
Clyde Roy Pack, 2 books
Frank Love, 2 books
Ricardo L. Garcia, 2 books
James Hinckley, 2 books
Larry D. Lankton, 2 books
Rolfe G. Buzzell, 2 books
Sue Fawn Chung, 2 books
Vardis Fisher, 2 books
Muriel Sibell Wolle, 2 books
Victor J. Banis, 1 book
Jo Anne Wold, 1 book
John Lewis Dyer, 1 book
Paul Fatout, 1 book
Barbara A. Somervill, 1 book
Janice Brozik Cerney, 1 book
Barbara Fifer, 1 book
Milton Parent, 1 book


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