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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David L. Durham, 14 books
Jean-Marie Cassagne, 14 books
Gérard Taverdet, 11 books
W. C. Jameson, 8 books
Philip Varney, 6 books
Nancy C. Sawin, 6 books
Harry G. Black, 6 books
Wolf Maync, 4 books
Hans Heinrich Welchert, 4 books
Henry Howe, 4 books
E. M. Pospelov, 4 books
Shawn Hall, 4 books
Choral Pepper, 4 books
Vālattȧ, Vi. Vi. Ke., 4 books
Ramon Vila, 4 books
Joseph W. Palmer, 4 books
Chuck Shepherd, 4 books
João Carlos Vicente Ferreira, 4 books
Thomas Fuller, 3 books
Alan Rayburn, 3 books
W. B. Stephens, 3 books
David Vokac, 3 books
Barbara Staples, 3 books
Remi A. Nadeau, 3 books
Emerson Klees, 3 books


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