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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack London, 19 books
Robert W. Service, 12 books
Alonzo Delano, 8 books
Friedrich Gerstäcker, 7 books
Berton, Pierre, 7 books
Stewart Edward White, 6 books
Ernest Ingersoll, 6 books
William Ogilvie, 6 books
James H. Carson, 6 books
Will Hobbs, 5 books
Joaquin Miller, 5 books
Sid Fleischman, 5 books
Henry Vizetelly, 5 books
Bayard Taylor, 4 books
John Walton Caughey, 4 books
Blaise Cendrars, 4 books
Johnson, Theodore T., 4 books
Samuel McNeil, 3 books
Lewis, Oscar, 3 books
Prentice Mulford, 3 books
Kerri O'Donnell, 3 books
McWilliams, John, 3 books
Emerson Hough, 3 books
Frost, John, 3 books
Ferguson, Charles D., 3 books


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