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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Washington Irving, 17 books
Parker, Samuel, 12 books
Ezra Meeker, 10 books
John Bidwell, 7 books
Thomas J. Farnham, 6 books
Basil Nelson Longsworth, 5 books
Joel Palmer, 5 books
John B. Wyeth, 5 books
Lockley, Fred, 4 books
Alonzo Delano, 4 books
Dorothy Ballard, 4 books
Kathleen Duey, 4 books
Walter E. Meacham, 4 books
John Udell, 4 books
Allen, A. J. Miss., 4 books
George Rippey Stewart, 4 books
Jane Kirkpatrick, 4 books
Edwin Bryant, 4 books
Elaine L. Schulte, 4 books
Merrill J. Mattes, 4 books
Rick Steber, 4 books
James Akin, 3 books
John Bradbury, 3 books
Nathaniel J. Wyeth, 3 books
Melyer Casler, 3 books


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