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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Xiao Zheng, 4 books
Gong Gao, 4 books
Gu, Yanwu, 3 books
Zhu, Yunming, 3 books
Jizuo Zha, 3 books
Xie, Guozhen, 2 books
Sun, Chengze, 2 books
Liu, Ruoyu, 2 books
Ji, Liuqi, 2 books
Guangtao Li, 2 books
Wenlu Wang, 2 books
Xueju Xu, 2 books
Fu Zhao, 2 books
Zuo Huang, 2 books
Sen Meng, 2 books
Weiye Wu, 2 books
Shizhen Wang, 2 books
Tzǔ-chuang Ch'ên, 2 books
Tzǔ Hsü, 2 books
Lurong Yang, 2 books
Shicong Yang, 2 books
Nai Zhang, 2 books
Xian Li, 2 books
Longdaoren, 2 books
Emperor of China Ming T'ai-tsu, 2 books


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