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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pete Cohen, 4 books
Schueler, 4 books
Psy-Tech, 4 books
Jean Maalouf, 3 books
John-Roger., 3 books
Cass Jackson, 2 books
John M. Robbins, 2 books
Gopesh Kumar Ojha, 2 books
Neil Douglas-Klotz, 2 books
Sten Cummins, 2 books
Mark Jenkins, 2 books
Ma Ananda Sarita, 2 books
Swami Anand Geho, 2 books
Sophie Boss, 2 books
Audrey Boss, 2 books
Sheldon Kramer, 2 books
Peter A. Kahle, 2 books
Janie Jackson, 2 books
Ashutosh Ojha, 2 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2 books
Torkom Saraydarian, 2 books
Stephen G. Gilligan, 2 books
Paul Ferrini, 2 books
Martin Lee, 1 book
Michael Harper, 1 book


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