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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Deepak Chopra, 11 books
Bernie S. Siegel, 8 books
Andrew Baum, 7 books
Elaine A. Blechman, 4 books
Andrew Steptoe, 4 books
Caroline Myss, 4 books
Lydia Temoshok, 4 books
Neil Schneiderman, 3 books
Howard S. Friedman, 3 books
Larry Dossey, 3 books
Jess Feist, 3 books
Craig Van Dyke, 3 books
Marian Pitts, 3 books
Stanley Rachman, 3 books
John E. Carr, 3 books
Jeanne Achterberg, 3 books
Irving Oyle, 3 books
Robert J. Gatchel, 3 books
Frederick Sierles, 2 books
Andrew M. Mathews, 2 books
Steven E. Locke, 2 books
Paul A. Komesaroff, 2 books
Paul Karoly, 2 books
Catherine Ashley Sanderson, 2 books
Olle Jane Z. Sahler, 2 books


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