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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry Ryffel, 12 books
Erik Oberg, 11 books
Moran, 11 books
Franklin Jones, 11 books
Christopher McCauley, 11 books
Ricardo Heald, 10 books
Smith, 4 books
Michael J. Moran, 4 books
Michael Schulz, 3 books
Earle Buckingham, 3 books
Taylor, 3 books
Robert Green, 3 books
Fox, 3 books
Young, 3 books
K.J. Bathe, 3 books
Richard E. Sonntag, 3 books
Thomas Slattery, 3 books
Arthur Meyers, 3 books
Rolf Rehbehn, 3 books
Peter Reineker, 3 books
Beatrix Mercedes Schulz, 3 books
Jack R. Meredith, 2 books
Cohen, 2 books
Anderson, 2 books
Stevenson, 2 books


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