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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dietmar Gross, 5 books
Milton Van Dyke, 3 books
John L. Lumley, 3 books
Ferdinand P. Beer, 3 books
Bruce R. Munson, 3 books
Theodore H. Okiishi, 3 books
Andrew Deeks, 3 books
Hong Hao, 3 books
Donald F. Young, 3 books
Tuncer Cebeci, 2 books
Jr., E. Russell Johnston, 2 books
K.J. Bathe, 2 books
B. H. V. Topping, 2 books
Alain Miranville, 2 books
Gene Mosca, 2 books
Paul A. Tipler, 2 books
Thomas Seelig, 2 books
V.V. Kozlov, 2 books
A.I. Neishtadt, 2 books
Jens M. Knudsen, 2 books
Poul G. Hjorth, 2 books
Wade W. Huebsch, 2 books
Hermann Härtel, 2 books
Michael Lüdke, 2 books
Roger Temam, 2 books


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