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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Amir D. Aczel, 5 books
Constance Reid, 5 books
Michael Atiyah, 4 books
Arild Stubhaug, 4 books
H. Dym, 3 books
Robin J. Wilson, 3 books
Keith J. Devlin, 3 books
Miranda Seymour, 3 books
Norbert Wiener, 3 books
Benjamin Wardhaugh, 3 books
Molly Knight Raskin, 2 books
Donald J. Albers, 2 books
André Weil, 2 books
M. B. W. Tent, 2 books
M. A. Kaashoek, 2 books
William J. Burke, 2 books
Peter Ackroyd, 2 books
Bruce Collier, 2 books
Dava Sobel, 2 books
George Dyson, 2 books
Alexander Masters, 2 books
Gerald L. Alexanderson, 2 books
Doron Swade, 2 books
David Flannery, 2 books
Siobhan Roberts, 2 books


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