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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marija J. Norusis, 5 books
John Sall, 4 books
Inc. Spss, 4 books
Lee Creighton, 4 books
Johannes Bisschop, 4 books
Marcel Roelofs, 4 books
Ann Lehman, 3 books
John Walkenbach, 3 books
Douglas Quinney, 2 books
Yosef Hochberg, 2 books
Dorothy Wakefield, 2 books
Kenneth N. Berk, 2 books
Kathleen McLaughlin, 2 books
Marilyn K. Pelosi, 2 books
Art Belmonte, 2 books
Johnson, 2 books
Richard Kemp, 2 books
David Barrow, 2 books
Theresa M. Sandifer, 2 books
Intellipro, 2 books
F. Postel, 2 books
William H. Press, 2 books
Brian P. Flannery, 2 books
Saul A. Teukolsky, 2 books
William T. Vetterling, 2 books


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