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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Domenico Carro, 25 books
Richard Larn, 4 books
Bridget Larn, 3 books
Stephen Howarth, 3 books
Greenhill, Basil., 3 books
Angus Konstam, 2 books
Robert D. Ballard, 2 books
Kevin Littlewood, 2 books
Coleman, 2 books
David G. Brown, 2 books
National Maritime Museum, 2 books
Beverley Butler, 2 books
Colin Breen, 2 books
Wes Forsythe, 2 books
Klaus-Peter Schmolke, 2 books
Martin Boyle, 2 books
Ken Trethewey, 2 books
John Hackman, 2 books
Ben Warlow, 2 books
David Howarth, 2 books
Gerhard Koop, 2 books
M. Evans, 1 book
Thomas Hone, 1 book
Bruce Roberts, 1 book
J. J. Colledge, 1 book


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