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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Various, 11 books
Corregidor, 11 books
Goran Burenhult, 9 books
Georges Duby, 9 books
Martin Caparros, 6 books
Eduardo Anguita, 6 books
Philippe Ariès, 6 books
Herbert S. Klein, 3 books
Michelle Perrot, 3 books
Ricardo Levene, 2 books
John Lynch, 2 books
Maria Barbero, 2 books
Rafael Oscar Ielpi, 2 books
Guillermo Cespedes, 2 books
W. Koner, 2 books
Clive Orton, 2 books
Pacho O'Donnell, 2 books
Gary Prevost, 2 books
Arnoldo Canclini, 2 books
Sinclair Thomson, 2 books
Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, 2 books
Renee M. Bonzani, 2 books
Juan Carlos Casas, 2 books
E. Guhl, 2 books
Luisa Fernanda Herrera, 2 books


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