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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Geoffrey Budworth, 13 books
Shuhua Liao, 8 books
Cliff Jacobson, 7 books
Brion Toss, 6 books
Rongfeng Lin, 6 books
Colin Jarman, 5 books
Cyrus Lawrence Day, 5 books
Raoul Graumont, 5 books
Peter Owen, 5 books
Walter B. Gibson, 5 books
Buck Tilton, 5 books
Lihua Qiu, 5 books
Eric C. Fry, 4 books
Walt Wheelock, 4 books
Bill Severn, 4 books
Hŭi-jin Kim, 4 books
Lydia Chen, 4 books
Percy W. Blandford, 4 books
Qi ji Zhongguo jie she ji zhi zuo zhong xin, 4 books
Craig Luebben, 3 books
Yi Dong, 3 books
Des Pawson, 3 books
Paul Snyder, 3 books
Lijun Zhan, 3 books
Baogui Chen Guo, 3 books


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