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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roland Lazenby, 4 books
Michael Jordan, 4 books
Jordan, Michael, 3 books
Sam Smith, 3 books
Bill Gutman, 3 books
Chip Lovitt, 2 books
Walter Iooss, 2 books
Michael Leahy, 1 book
Michael Weinreb, 1 book
Lisa Wade McCormick, 1 book
Rob Kirkpatrick, 1 book
Sean Adams, 1 book
Mike McGovern, 1 book
Jeff Hawkins, 1 book
Tom Owens, 1 book
David Aretha, 1 book
Bob Condor, 1 book
Paul J. Deegan, 1 book
Pat Williams, 1 book
Mitchell Uscher, 1 book
Bob Greene, 1 book
Thomas R. Raber, 1 book
Addison Wesley, 1 book
Jack Clary, 1 book
Pat Williams, 1 book


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