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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Naomi Ragen, 11 books
Elaine Feinstein, 7 books
Shelomoh Ashkenazi, 6 books
Kahn, Sharon, 5 books
Carol L. Meyers, 4 books
Anita Diamant, 4 books
Getsel Ellinson, 4 books
Nahida Remy, 4 books
Emily Taitz, 4 books
Tamar El-Or, 4 books
Grace Aguilar, 3 books
Isabel Rose, 3 books
Marina Lewycka, 3 books
Jennifer Weiner, 3 books
Dora Levy Mossanen, 3 books
Maggie Anton, 3 books
Avraham Grossman, 3 books
Plain, Belva., 3 books
Joyce Antler, 3 books
Tobsha Learner, 3 books
Marion A. Kaplan, 3 books
Elisa Albert, 3 books
Sandra Toro, 3 books
Śarah Ben-Reʼuven, 3 books
Faye Moskowitz, 3 books


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