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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Moses Hess, 5 books
S. Almog, 4 books
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 2 books
Shlomo Sand, 2 books
P. Noṿiḳ, 2 books
Raphael Mahler, 2 books
Jacob Lestschinsky, 2 books
Theodor Herzl, 2 books
James L. Gelvin, 2 books
Shlomo Sharan, 2 books
Sasson Sofer, 2 books
Menahem Zohori, 2 books
Yedidia Berry, 2 books
Henry Wentworth Monk, 2 books
Geoffrey Wheatcroft, 2 books
Rina Hevlin, 2 books
Yosef Gorni, 2 books
Jehuda Reinharz, 2 books
Yiśraʼel Barṭal, 1 book
Ruth Firer, 1 book
Guido Massino, 1 book
Adam Ackerman, 1 book
Roberta Ascarelli, 1 book
Pierre Van Paassen, 1 book
Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1 book


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