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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gérard Lehmann, 2 books
David Cassady, 2 books
Ian Fleming, 2 books
Lois H. Gresh, 2 books
Michael Owen, 2 books
Barry Parker, 1 book
Siegfried Tesche, 1 book
Mary Wickham Bond, 1 book
Lycurgus Monroe Starkey, 1 book
Ann S. Boyd, 1 book
Black, Jeremy., 1 book
David R. Contosta, 1 book
Alastair Dougall, 1 book
Anthony Lynch, 1 book
Roger Moore, 1 book
Bennett, Tony, 1 book
Raymond Benson, 1 book
Starlog Press, 1 book
John Gardner, 1 book
John Gardner, 1 book
Antonello Sarno, 1 book
Bennett, Tony, 1 book
Nelson Taruc, 1 book
Robert G. Weiner, 1 book
Damian Butt, 1 book


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