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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robin H. Stevenson, 7 books
Edeet Ravel, 5 books
Bree Despain, 3 books
Judy Duarte, 2 books
Michelle Wildgen, 2 books
Lauren McLaughlin, 2 books
Young-ha Kim, 2 books
Joaquín Dorfman, 2 books
Morgan Matson, 2 books
Zoey Dean, 1 book
Stephanie Perry Moore, 1 book
Brendan Halpin, 1 book
Lisa Schroeder, 1 book
Doug Wilhelm, 1 book
Pat Lowery Collins, 1 book
Susan Whitcher, 1 book
Adele Griffin, 1 book
Susan Martins Miller, 1 book
Matt Beam, 1 book
Tina Ferraro, 1 book
Jean Davies Okimoto, 1 book
Becky Freeman, 1 book
Tricia Rayburn, 1 book
John Cusick, 1 book
Rosie Rushton, 1 book


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