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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jenny B. Jones, 3 books
Heidi Betts, 2 books
Carolyn Jewel, 2 books
Joanne Rock, 2 books
Mary Blayney, 2 books
Lisa Renee Jones, 2 books
Tanya Michaels, 2 books
Charlotte Hughes, 2 books
Rochelle Alers, 2 books
Allison Brennan, 2 books
Debra Mullins, 2 books
Ana Leigh, 2 books
Anna Schmidt, 2 books
Amanda Smyth, 2 books
Caridad Piñeiro, 2 books
Jennifer Haymore, 2 books
Robyn Carr, 2 books
Sherry Thomas, 2 books
Shirlee Busbee, 1 book
Heidi Jon Schmidt, 1 book
Diane Pershing, 1 book
Maureen Child, 1 book
Kristin Hardy, 1 book
Delores Fossen, 1 book
Jillian Hart, 1 book


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