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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steven Levy, 3 books
Scott Gillam, 3 books
Walter Isaacson, 3 books
Barbara Sheen, 2 books
Andy Hertzfeld, 2 books
Mike Venezia, 2 books
Lyons, Daniel, 2 books
Gil Amelio, 2 books
Jeffrey S. Young, 2 books
Jim Carlton, 2 books
Owen W. Linzmayer, 2 books
Leander Kahney, 2 books
Patricia Lakin, 2 books
Steve Wozniak, 2 books
John Sculley, 1 book
John Riddle, 1 book
Michael Moritz, 1 book
Karen Blumenthal, 1 book
Matt Doeden, 1 book
Ann Brashares, 1 book
Therese Shea, 1 book
Peter J. Sander, 1 book
Pam Pollack, 1 book
Virginia Brackett, 1 book
Alan Deutschman, 1 book


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