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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mike Resnick, 4 books
Bob Robb, 3 books
Michael McIntosh, 3 books
Doug Painter, 2 books
Ron Cordes, 2 books
Jack Reneau, 2 books
John Alfred Jordan, 2 books
Keith Sutton, 2 books
John Prebble, 2 books
Jay Cassell, 2 books
Alaska Magazine, 2 books
A. Lee Chichester, 2 books
Lee Chichester, 2 books
Jill Shepherd, 2 books
Philip Bourjaily, 2 books
W. Tarrant, 2 books
J. B. Robinson, 2 books
Claude Rossignol, 2 books
Georges Cortay, 2 books
Pascal Durantel, 2 books
Harold Sheldon, 2 books
Toby Bridges, 2 books
Alexander Lake, 2 books
Thomas McIntyre, 2 books
Richard E. Cooper, 1 book


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