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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Morris, David, 4 books
Toby Bridges, 4 books
Larry L. Weishuhn, 4 books
Odie Sudbeck, 4 books
John Eberhart, 3 books
Jack Reneau, 3 books
J. Wayne Fears, 3 books
Michael Hanback, 3 books
Weiss, John, 3 books
Richard P. Smith, 3 books
Kathy Etling, 2 books
Trout, John, 2 books
George Mattis, 2 books
Miller, Greg, 2 books
Steve Chapman, 2 books
Bryce Towsley, 2 books
R. G. Bernier, 2 books
Jay Cassell, 2 books
Peter Fiduccia, 2 books
Russell Thornberry, 2 books
Judd Cooney, 2 books
Charles J. Alsheimer, 2 books
David E. Samuel, 2 books
Shawn Perich, 2 books
Gene Wensel, 2 books


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