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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Henckel, 2 books
Don Laubach, 2 books
Bob Robb, 1 book
Robert Bennett, 1 book
John Eberhart, 1 book
Nelson, 1 book
Jay Cassell, 1 book
Michael Furman, 1 book
Chris Eberhart, 1 book
Peter Fiduccia, 1 book
The editors of Creative Publishing international, 1 book
Mark Drury, 1 book
Terry Drury, 1 book
Dick Idol, 1 book
Barry Wensel, 1 book
Tom Pink, 1 book
Jason A. Smith, 1 book
Buck Peterson, 1 book
Gerald Bethge, 1 book
Tamara Wilder, 1 book
Grant Woods, 1 book
Bryan Kinkel, 1 book
Larry Huffman, 1 book
Toby Bridges, 1 book
David Samuel, 1 book


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