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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kevin Smith, 4 books
Alexander McCall Smith, 4 books
Lewis Trondheim, 3 books
Jennifer Crusie, 3 books
Bob Mayer, 3 books
Leonard Stern, 2 books
Joann Sfar, 2 books
Eva Marie Everson, 2 books
Carole Hayman, 2 books
Jim Mahfood, 2 books
Lillian D. Dunsmore, 2 books
Constance Little, 2 books
Clare Naylor, 2 books
Mimi Hare, 2 books
J. Torres, 2 books
Linda Evans Shepherd, 2 books
Lou Wakefield, 2 books
Cecil Norman, 2 books
Cecil Orlando Norman, 2 books
Karin Gillepsie, 2 books
Carrington Macduffie, 2 books
Gwenyth Little, 2 books
Christopher P. Reilly, 2 books
Eric Kim, 2 books
Nicola Kraus, 2 books


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