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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wanda Gág, 3 books
Ad Hudler, 2 books
Maryann Miller, 2 books
Laura Climenko Johnson, 2 books
Bänz Friedli, 2 books
Jane Wheelock, 1 book
Mike Clary, 1 book
Mike McGrady, 1 book
Dallas Schulze, 1 book
Michael A. Hemmingson, 1 book
Joshua Braff, 1 book
Wendy Joy Jones, 1 book
Kevin Murphy, 1 book
Alicia Pingol, 1 book
Sharon Brondos, 1 book
Hakon Torjesen, 1 book
Kirsten Boie, 1 book
David Eddie, 1 book
Steve Brewer, 1 book
Robert Rosenthal, 1 book
Libby Gill, 1 book
Jessamyn Neuhaus, 1 book
Nigel Marsh, 1 book
Owen Whittaker, 1 book
Peter Baylies, 1 book


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