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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cherry Hill, 4 books
Carolyn Henderson, 4 books
Tony Pavord, 4 books
Frank Holmes, 4 books
Karen Bush, 4 books
Lesley Bayley, 4 books
Keith Allison, 3 books
Nancy W. Ambrosiano, 3 books
Mary F. Harcourt, 3 books
Martin Deacon, 3 books
Richard Klimesh, 3 books
Kate Green, 3 books
Marcy Pavord, 3 books
Christopher Day, 3 books
Alan Gold, 2 books
H. L. Scott, 2 books
John Henderson, 2 books
Gail Williams, 2 books
Henderson, 2 books
Anne Pilgrim, 2 books
William Reynolds, 2 books
Karen Coumbe, 2 books
Jim Goodhue, 2 books
Ty Wyant, 2 books
Gail William, 2 books


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