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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Betty Johnson, 12 books
Terence Johnson, 12 books
American Medical Association., 7 books
Nuffield Trust, 6 books
Ray Robinson, 5 books
The Stationery Office, 5 books
Ruth Chambers, 5 books
Ken Judge, 4 books
Gale Group, 4 books
Martin McKee, 4 books
Jonathan Oberlander, 4 books
Steve Gillam, 4 books
Walter Holland, 4 books
Robin Means, 3 books
Elias Mossialos, 3 books
Sue E. Estroff, 3 books
Liam Clarke, 3 books
Colin Palfrey, 3 books
Stephen J. Williams, 3 books
Mike Johnston, 3 books
NPTA, 3 books
Beryl Stretch, 3 books
Nick Goodwin, 3 books
Gail E. Henderson, 3 books
Ronald P. Strauss, 3 books


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