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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stieg Larsson, 11 books
Ryo Takamisaki, 9 books
John Sandford, 8 books
Matt Walker, 7 books
Kevin D. Mitnick, 7 books
David Lagercrantz, 7 books
Ryō Ryumon, 7 books
Cory Doctorow, 5 books
Ankit Fadia, 5 books
Kevin Beaver, 5 books
Christopher Hadnagy, 5 books
Karen E. Olson, 4 books
Joseph Menn, 4 books
Michael Gregg, 4 books
Bernadette H. Schell, 3 books
Jeffery Deaver, 3 books
Taylor, Robert W., 3 books
Ejovi Nuwere, 3 books
Wallace Wang, 3 books
Thomas Wilhelm, 3 books
Emmanuel Goldstein, 3 books
Ryan Russell, 3 books
Jan Fields, 3 books
Matthew Walker, 3 books
Cole Stryker, 3 books


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