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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hans Bentzien, 3 books
Heike D uselder, 3 books
Wolfgang Reinhard, 2 books
Reinhard Wendt, 2 books
Stephane Courtois, 2 books
Beate Hammond, 2 books
Heiner Timmermann, 2 books
Erik K. Franzen, 2 books
Mark Häberlein, 2 books
E. J. Weber, 2 books
Uwe Backes, 2 books
Hans Fenske, 2 books
Stefan Meining, 2 books
Peter Burschel, 2 books
Flavius Josephus, 2 books
Ferdinand Seibt, 2 books
Volker Reinhardt, 2 books
Ernst Baltrusch, 1 book
Hans-Ulrich Thamer, 1 book
Walter Pohl, 1 book
Fritz Peter Knapp, 1 book
Hagen Keller, 1 book
Thomas Schnabel, 1 book
Heinrich Schmidinger, 1 book
Lorenz Knorr, 1 book


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