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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dmitri Shostakovich, 21 books
Canadian Brass, 13 books
Dirko Juchem, 6 books
Achim Brochhausen, 6 books
Peter Bowman, 4 books
Amedeo Poggi, 4 books
John L. Haag, 4 books
Gudrun Heyens, 4 books
Edgar Vallora, 4 books
Gerhard Engel, 4 books
Fred Weber, 4 books
Henri Bertini, 3 books
Gian-Carlo Menotti, 3 books
David Ohanian, 3 books
Charles Bateman, 3 books
Hans-Gunter Heumann, 3 books
Charles Daellenbach, 3 books
Fred Mills, 2 books
John Nicholas, 2 books
Terry, Charles Sanford, 2 books
Vlado Perlemuter, 2 books
Bert Konowitz, 2 books
Alexandre Tansman, 2 books
Charles S. Terry, 2 books
Lesley Wright, 2 books


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