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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yukiko Haydock, 3 books
Sheila Ostrander, 3 books
Yaorong Deng, 3 books
Harvey Rosen, 2 books
Mary Albert Wenker, 2 books
Marianne Muller, 2 books
Erik Pratsch, 2 books
Ofelia Audry, 2 books
David Paul Larousse, 2 books
Cara Hobday, 2 books
Dr. Oetker (Firm), 2 books
Jerry Crowley, 1 book
Wim Kros, 1 book
Bruce H. Axler, 1 book
John F. Nicolas, 1 book
Shu-hui Huang, 1 book
Huang, Shuhui., 1 book
Constance Quan, 1 book
Esther Murphy, 1 book
Chen, Zhishan., 1 book
Ye, Chenghui., 1 book
Noga Hitron, 1 book
Margo Kokko, 1 book
Hildebrand, 1 book
Sidney Escowitz, 1 book


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