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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Luca Caioli, 4 books
Riad Sattouf, 3 books
Richard Vaughan, 3 books
Vaughan, Richard, 3 books
Edward Duyker, 3 books
Nancy Mitford, 3 books
Philip Dwyer, 2 books
David Cairns, 2 books
Theodore Evergates, 2 books
Mary Blume, 2 books
Alain Corbin, 2 books
Lauren Redniss, 2 books
Thoma Leabhart, 2 books
Caroline Bithell, 2 books
Sylvia Kahan, 2 books
Kathryn L. Reyerson, 2 books
Roland Barthes, 2 books
Brigitte Rollet, 2 books
Louis Patsouras, 2 books
Nic Maclellan, 2 books
Lydia Davis, 2 books
Thomas Sancton, 2 books
Vincent J. Pitts, 2 books
Fiona Handyside, 2 books
Michel Leiris, 2 books


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