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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kathy Reichs, 11 books
Sharyn McCrumb, 6 books
Jon Jefferson, 5 books
Iris Johansen, 4 books
Kathleen J. Reichs, 4 books
Roxanna Ferllini, 3 books
Robert B. Pickering, 3 books
Karen Ramey Burns, 3 books
Heather Pringle, 3 books
Sue M. Black, 3 books
Jose Pablo Baraybar, 3 books
William M. Bass, 3 books
Philippe Charlier, 3 books
William R. Maples, 3 books
Michael W. Warren, 3 books
Steven N. Byers, 2 books
Danielle Denega, 2 books
Hunter, John, 2 books
Stanley Rhine, 2 books
Sara L. Latta, 2 books
Diane Yancey, 2 books
Dr. Bill Bass, 2 books
Bill Bass, 2 books
John G. Clement, 2 books
Anna Fields, 2 books


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