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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Science Teachers, 9 books
Roger Lewis, 6 books
Ministry of Education, 6 books
D Bracey, 6 books
P Lieta, 6 books
A. S. Yahya, 5 books
John Edmonds, 5 books
Debbie Betteridge, 5 books
S Parker, 5 books
A Jamaadar, 5 books
Ghana Association Of, 5 books
Roger Porkess, 5 books
Margaret Radcliffe, 4 books
Liam Clarke, 4 books
Carole Jones, 4 books
A Mabeza, 4 books
Ghana Association of, 4 books
W. T. Miller, 3 books
Katherine Kemp, 3 books
Roger Trevitt, 3 books
Yvonne Johns, 3 books
John Thorogood, 3 books
Hilary Thomson, 3 books
And Culture, 3 books
M J Robson, 3 books


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