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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lisa Jewell, 7 books
Nora Roberts, 4 books
Virginia Woolf, 4 books
Susan Wiggs, 4 books
Carly Phillips, 3 books
Sandra Brown, 3 books
Joan Kilby, 3 books
Pamela Ford, 3 books
D. L. Smith, 3 books
Evans, Richard J., 3 books
R. F. Delderfield, 3 books
Terry McLaughlin, 3 books
Ann Evans, 2 books
Kara Lennox, 2 books
Janice Macdonald, 2 books
Carrie Alexander, 2 books
Barbara McMahon, 2 books
B. J. Daniels, 2 books
Karen Hawkins, 2 books
Lani Diane Rich, 2 books
Stephanie Gertler, 2 books
Pam Chun, 2 books
Roxanne Henke, 2 books
Margaret Daley, 2 books
Cathleen Connors, 2 books


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